Success, energy and opportunities are all things that motivate me through my life and it’s these three things which have been at the heart of everything I’ve done at bbd. From building client relationships, to delivering SEO results, taking on team challenges, and of course, going to the team parties, approaching anything with the right energy and continually looking for opportunities will always lead to success.

So as the time comes to move on from bbd, I can say I have grown massively both in my skill set and personally from the experience in so many ways. This within itself is a success, but over the past year I have been able to report some great SEO results for clients and it’s been an amazing journey to watch how these projects have evolved and gained momentum. Another (surprising) success is discovering that my long-term belief that I had no rhythm isn’t in fact true, having learnt not just one but two dance routines at bbd! There was the Halloween talent show where I ‘voluntarily’ signed up for the Rocky Horror Time Warp performance and even though there were a few stumbles on the night, what can you expect from a bunch of Halloween monsters? Secondly, there was salsa. Something you watch and think ‘how effortless…’, all you have to do is add a bit of sass and a wiggle then you’re a salsa pro. I was wrong. At the summer away day this year, we were put to the test when Enrique challenged us to a Salsa dance routine. But with his Spanish flare, he had us all spinning and doing the rhumba, the only thing missing was the sangria afterwards.

One of the biggest things I will take from my journey at bbd is the great energy and positivity of every one of the team here. Whenever there is a new project or client, it’s hard not to see the CS team bouncing around ideas or getting excited in briefings. This is an approach that is infectious and when you and the team around you start any project like this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one fail. The support from the team is next level and the copious amounts of high-fives and cheering-on has been constant motivation to deliver the best work possible. It is this energy and belief that, no matter how big of a challenge you get presented with, enables you to achieve anything and everything – this is something that I will take with me to apply anywhere I go next.

This brings me to the amazing opportunities at bbd, which have not just been working with renowned clients and an amazing team but everything in between too. The opportunity I am proudest of was bringing CRO as a workstream to bbd. I was able to introduce and package the service for bbd clients, looking at how best to communicate findings, what would be the priorities to investigate and how it can be applied to new and existing projects. Although slightly different to anything I’ve done in the past it was great to see it come together and I have been able to produce some great results and happy clients.

But how can I mention opportunities at bbd without mentioning Conor’s wonderful wine tasting evening? An opportunity I would never turn down is a wine tasting session,. So with wines from across the world, red, rose and white, I put myself to the test in the wine quiz. However, I have to admit that even with all the optimism in the world, first place wasn’t mine and I don’t think I’ll be looking for a new role as a wine connoisseur soon!

And on that note, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at bbd for making my time here the best it could possibly be! Good luck and …. All for wine, and wine for all!!

Emmy Cammegh
CRO and SEO Strategist