Summer party: Miami Vice meets Dorset. - Bright Blue Day

Summer party: Miami Vice meets Dorset.

Once every year in the heat of summer, Bright Blue Day likes to take a little holiday away from it all – well, we allow ourselves one day!

So we powered down the Macs, locked the doors and put on those out of office replies.  

(FYI here are some of our faves that inspired us #OOHGotRealGood

This summer we escaped down into the depths of Dorset, at a top secret location like no other for a Miami Vice themes extravaganza.

It is here, that if you had happened to stumble upon us, you would find 40 BBD’ers living in the moment…in a bikini, with a Pina Colada in hand.


So what did we do? Well, we swam with pink flamingos (inflatable!), and got a little violent with a volleyball (#Winners – Grandad Island). We got familiar with some pedalos and re-discovered our love (swiftly followed by hatred) for tequila. We lit the fire pit and remembered why we love to be a team (and just how much Liam really does love bikes!)

Obviously most of the evidence has been destroyed; the hashtags removed and the swimming trunks hung up to dry – but we think it is safe to say that this year really saw the best of BBD.

Account handlers were logged off, Designers were relaxed and developers were….well looking us in the eyes!

Awat day.jpg

Put very simply; it really was an epic display of everything we think is great about working here.

…..We cannot however same the same for Friday (#HangoverOutfit – if pyjamas in public is good enough for Rhianna then it is good enough for us)