As a client services person I generally love 2 things in a client brief: An interesting problem and a challenge. Montezuma’s came to us with both. And they brought chocolate as well. Actually there are three things I like…

Montezuma’s problem was 2 fold. Summer isn’t a great time for chocolate sales as people feel it gets too hot for choco and secondly, chocolate isn’t a traditional father’s day present. 

Father’s day is also not as big a blip on the cultural radar as it’s rival Mother’s Day with predicted UK spending on Father’s Day this year coming in at £799m compared with the whopping £1.4bn spent on Mother’s Day in 2017. However, Montezuma’s have aggressive sales targets so Father’s Day was a key event for them.

More Chocolate more problems

The challenge was to create a campaign that encouraged gifting of Chocolate for dads with very little data and in a couple of days. Based on the current purchaser demographics and the facebook demographics we quickly came to 3 key purchase groups for the Father’s Day gifting campaign:

  • Mum’s of young children
  • Adult kids away from home
  • Same sex dads of young children

As well as retargets and lookalikes of out current web traffic and purchasers.

With a clearly witty and irreverent brand persona our creative focused on encouraging our audience to ditch the usual dull Father’s Day gifts and instead get him a more imaginative gift this father’s day.

The creative and audiences were all set live to see what worked with the audience best and a mandate to optimise for sales. 

Chocolatey results

On a small budget and quick turn around the campaign delivered significant web traffic and directly driving 8% (compared to 2% in the month preceding the 10 week campaign) of all online sales during the campaign and importantly the sales targets were reached. Success has never tasted so good.