Enjoy the blog post that puts you in control…

What brought you here? Are you hungry for salacious details of our recent Summer Away Day? Perhaps you’re even a reporter from the Daily Mail. Well, you will find no industry gossip or tittle-tattle here, alas. 

Or were you searching for the lyrics to Bright Blue Day Haze by the exciting Californian psych five-piece Mystic Braves? It’s a common mistake, and you’ll find those lyrics here. It’s been a pleasure. 

So where does that leave us?

We could boost our search engine ranking, perhaps, with some engaging content, but that would mean stuffing this post with ghastly keywords, and you, dear reader, deserve better from the best marketing agency in Bournemouth

We could tout a bit of client work maybe. But shoehorning some outstanding brand and creative work into a blog post would be clumsy. Droning on about our strategy and planning skills could be seen as indulgent. And we’ve all heard quite enough about social media advertising

Look, we’re Ad people. It’s never about us. It’s always about you. So we’re hard-wired to place you at the heart of this narrative. Come with us, therefore, to the beautiful Mangerton House, navigate your way through our questions, and find out what kind of advertising agency member you are…

The ‘Mangertini’ (above) contains liberal doses of vodka, Blue Curacao, and lemonade. Ideally, it should be served…

  1. as a welcome loosener
  2. as a pre-dinner aperitif
  3. as a desperate hangover cure
  4. all of the above

You have a ball, a net and five lads. You can confidently chalk off the next…

  1. It’s immediately a ‘no’ from me…
  2. 30 minutes
  3. 1 hr
  4. 3 hours

What just ‘feels right’ on a hot sunny afternoon?

  1. shorts or bikini
  2. flannel shirt and band t-shirt
  3. all black, always
  4. full Roman gear

A solitary oak tree stands on a distant horizon. Do you…

  1. take a picture
  2. fail to notice it
  3. send a drone over and film it
  4. put down your drink, put on your shoes, run off and appear 10 mins later next to it

As the youngest member of staff, you should naturally take part in a river race…

  1. on a stand up paddleboard
  2. in a kayak
  3. in a kayak with a hole in it
  4. in a small child’s pedalo 

Classic Donovan/Minogue hit ‘Especially for you’…

  1. should never be sung again
  2. could be pulled off by a skilled warbler
  3. isn’t as bad as ‘My Way’
  4. just gets better with every rendition

Of course slacklining is a good idea, because…

  1. you’ve had three Mangertinis
  2. the Photoshop skills will kick in
  3. how hard can walking on a piece of string be?
  4. where am I?

How did you do…?

Give yourself 1 point for every 1, 2 for a 2 and so on… 

  • 7-10 –  You’re ready for Finance
  • 11-14 – It’s a Developer life for you
  • 15-21 – You have everything you need to be a Planner
  • 22-25 – You’re a Creative and you know it
  • 26-28 – You were born for Client Service