Hi I’m Dan (aka very tall bald guy) and I thought I was the tallest person in the bbd office (6’4) until I met Doug who is 6’8!!! I’m a very laid back, friendly guy and try not to let anything get to me and I’m always open to chat and have a laugh.

A little about my background

I had a standard childhood raised in Bournemouth…not much else to add! But, I can bore you with my career path: I’ve had a very varied career so far to say the least – When I left school at 16 I went straight to college for a year and then completed a 4 year apprenticeship in electrical engineering…which sadly I discovered I hated halfway through! From there I carried out another boring engineering role before entering the world of letting agents which I did for 4 years.

I’ve realised I have a passion for web design and the whole digital sector for a while and so finally decided to give it a go. I’d had a passion for web design and the whole digital sector for a while, so after realising I didn’t enjoy the letting agent life as much as I hoped, I decided to give the world of web and design a go.


I applied for the job role of content editor at bbd as it seemed a great job to be able to do and it would also get my foot in the door with a very modern and well recognised company within the creative sector. I’m very grateful to have been given the chance with no real prior experience for this role. They’ve given me a fantastic opportunity so I’m looking forward to living up to it.

I received a very warm and special welcome when arriving for my first day and I’m getting used to the job and company requirements and adapting to the agency lifestyle. It’s pretty fast paced and manic at times but I feel it’s going very well so far and I’ve learnt so much already hopefully bbd feels the same way in return!

When I’m not working…

This year I got my motorbike license and have just bought my second bike which keeps me occupied and on the edge in my down time. No I have not fallen off or crashed yet if you are wondering! If anyone else rides give me a shout!

I do love sports but go through stages of them before getting bored or too lazy – The main go to’s are golf, badminton, Muay Thai boxing, normal boxing and once upon a time ago the gym was a regular thing. However I definitely swing nowadays towards more relaxing time with a series or film! (I’m a pretty big movie fan).

So to sum up….tall, chilled, bald guy, happy to be given a great opportunity with a cool company and fingers crossed it goes well. 🙂

Daniel Letch
Content Editor