The Creative's guide to BBD - Bright Blue Day

The Creative’s guide to BBD

I first heard about Bright Blue Day when I was working in-house at the RNLI as a graphic designer. BBD worked with the RNLI providing creative campaigns and support materials. They had a reputation for producing some of the best visually executed and thought-out creative work in Bournemouth.

My background in digital design and creative concepts led me to working at a couple of advertising agencies as well as in-house. After 4 years at the RNLI, I wanted that agency buzz back. BBD was always at the top of the list and when a role for a senior designer was advertised, I jumped at the chance. I had heard some great things about this agency.

Fast forward a couple of months, I interviewed and got the job. It was incredibly exciting to know I would now be working by the sea with some of the brightest minds and talented people in the area. No pressure then!

BBD is a creative agency where everyone contributes to the work. Agency life is fast and sometimes very furious. Working in advertising is a lifestyle. It does consume you and you really have to love what you do. The occasional late night pitches and the daily creative brainstorms are special. It’s when everyone pulls together and a campaign develops from a couple of quick scamps made in a sketchbook. With a plan, the team divides and conquers and with added thinking and creative execution, incredible work is brought to life. Team work really is of the highest order. BBD is a place where everyone knows your name and where you are spoiled with team lunches and summer away days. You come away with some great stories, most of which can’t be shared!

An enviable client list means that no two days or projects are ever the same. It’s why I love working in advertising. You have to constantly adapt and keep with the latest tech or trends, and be able to inform our clients on the best approach for their needs.

The work is creative and can be reactive. Some of my favourite projects have been the fast turnaround ones, where you have to think fast and execute even faster. Again, the team kicks into action and the work is always delivered to the highest calibre. My fondest memory was working on the renaming of Southgate station for Visa as the England team came home from the World Cup.

The first thing you notice about BBD is the people. Everyone loves what they do, they care and always have your back. They are like-minded and really do make the agency. You will make friends for life and share good times with good people.

For the last 20 months I have had a ball, met some of the most talented people, worked on briefs for global clients and got to satisfy some of my creative ambitions. I’m moving on to a new challenge and it’s with a heavy heart that this chapter comes to a close. As I embark on the next chapter of my career, I leave with the fondest memories and a portfolio full of work. Thank you BBD.

My top 5 BBD highlights

1. Putting Bournemouth on the map with the creative city guide On the Grid

2. Learning something new every single day

3. Going on team microadventures like bike rides and camping at Studland Bay

4. Producing high profile Visa work for the World Cup

5. Working hard and playing hard with a great bunch of people.

If you are graduating from uni or want a taste of the agency life, then I recommend BBD. You’ll get to work with global clients on exciting briefs and learn to be at the top of your game. Your career will thank you.

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