Hello, my name is Tyrin. Named after the leading actor of the film ‘Menace 2 Society’, I often find my name truly is a menace to society with how often I’m called Tyler or Tyrone!

Welcome to my ‘new starters blog’. they say if you ever want to deter people from asking you questions about your work, just say you’re an accountant, as we’re meant to be pretty boring, but I will do my best to hold your attention.

I have always been, and probably always will be, a big PC gamer. At one point it was even my employment! Despite my comfort of being in front of a screen in a dark room clicking away, I very much enjoy going out with friends, attending the gym, playing a round of golf or table tennis (looking for competitors!).

Numbers have always been my strong suit, and something which when I was younger, I always planned to make a career in, with something along the lines of a financial role.

As I’m sure you’re aware, life does not always go the way you plan it, no matter how prepared for it you are. During my late teens, I experienced what I like to call ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ which forced me to have to postpone my education.

For multiple years I began working in kitchens and with newfound cooking experience began to find work as a chef. This was something I never had much interest in at all, but it was work! Despite this, I have emerged from the culinary sector with a very useful skill set and a passion for good food.

I joined BBD in early Feb ‘22 as a Finance and Admin Assistant. Prior to this, I worked at an accounting firm for about a year after graduating with my diploma. As of writing this I have been here just over a week and the other new bloggers aren’t lying when they tell you they felt welcome from the start. Everyone has been so friendly that it makes you feel very comfortable to be yourself. The office doesn’t carry the stigma of ‘grey’ and ‘boring’ here. Far from it.

Coming from a series of roles where a vibrant office was more of an idea than reality, BBD has really shown me that the individuals matter, and you can guarantee whenever you need help, someone will be there for you.

Big thanks to all the team thus far, and a special thank you to Finance Manager Luis for teaching me so much already.

Tyrin Davidson
Finance and Admin Assistant