The increase in digital advances and high customer expectations have pushed businesses to think more innovatively in how to approach rapidly moving markets, and the insurance industry are no exception. While continuing to focus on the fundamentals of growing sales and profitability, like every other industry they are competing in a dynamic market.

Towergate partners PRIMIS Mortgage Network have over 600 firms with 1,700 employees. Post PRIMIS rebrand, they saw a significant opportunity to re-launch the relationship and drive an increase in referrals. They had a business objective to increase referrals by 400%.

The challenge

BBD were tasked with producing a campaign that communicated Towergate Insurance and services to the PRIMIS network Business Principles and engage them to be Towergate advocates. The goal was to encourage the Business Principles’ to cascade the information down through their business, so that staff and business owners alike recognised Towergate as a one-stop shop for general business referrals.

The approach

BBD developed a campaign that retained brand identify, yet had a distinct look and feel that the PRIMIS Business Principles would resonate with. The campaign had three different creative territories including a DM pack, email communication and an online promotional platform to generate engagement and incentivise the partnership through an opportunity to win prizes via the referral scheme.

The promotional platform

Once we had the brief for the project ready to go, we began developing a system that would fulfil all of the conditions for the promotion whilst maintaining full flexibility in case of changing or updated requirements. We developed using the latest


ASP.NET framework to ensure a safe, strong and secure system coupled with up to date front-end practices to provide a smooth and intuitive interface. We regularly undertook rigorous testing cycles to make sure the system was fit for purpose and exceeded the expectations of the clients and ourselves.

A pre-existing dashboard was retrofitted to provide a bespoke environment where the client could check entry statistics, review the test winners, send emails and perform promotional tasks and administration.

The entry process from a customer perspective was seamless and involved receiving a DM pack and email introducing the prize draw. The email had integrated links to the promotional engine where they were asked to enter their company registration codes upon entry and results being instant and shown on the same screen upon entering. Winners were drawn at random and based on magic moments meaning that entrants would be notified during the same user session.

The results 


The campaign is in full swing and we’ve already seen 200+ referrals go through to the promotional engine with 20 prizes being won. Towergate now have an online platform that they can re-skin and repurpose for promotional incentives with external business partners or internal teams. 

The promotion engine’s key USP’s are that it is GDPR compliant and picking winners is based on an algorithm so the results are truly random, making it the perfect tool for companies such as Towergate Insurance who are risk adverse and need tools that comply with their business terms.

The results are also tracked in real-time therefore porting can be completed and reports generated immediately, measuring ROI is as simple as pressing a button.