Visa Checkout and Papa John’s - Bright Blue Day

Visa Checkout and Papa John’s

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 Visa Checkout is Visa’s new fast and convenient way to pay online with only one click. As the product is in the early stages of launch Visa wanted to encourage usage of the product for merchants to see the benefit of a reduction in cart abandonment and consumers can experience how quick it is to buy what they want. To encourage sign up and first trial of Checkout, Visa partnered with Papa John’s to offer 50% off Pizza’s when you pay with Visa Checkout (on orders over £15).

To promote the campaign Bright Blue Day were engaged to create the first cobranded campaign between the 2 brands. The creative used the Papa John’s grid structure with a combination of Visa and Papa John’s imagery to promote the offer. The co-branded ads were placed across digital display, social, web properties and email on both parties properties.

The results within the first week of the offer were excellent for both parties with Visa seeing a 533% increase in Visa Checkout enrolments over the week, bringing the total number of enrolments in the UK to over 800k. As for Papa John’s they saw that 44% of online purchases being made through Visa Checkout. And consumers could pay with their Pizza with just one click. In fact the first campaign has been so successful there is going to be another.