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Visa Europe first OCR promotion

FIFA World Cup™ fever well and truly took over this Summer – and not just in the pubs after working hours, but at our desks in the 9-5.

Bright Blue Day’s flagship client Visa was a proud sponsor of the World Cup for the 11th year running, and this year Visa Europe markets were given the objective of leveraging the opportunity to promote Visa card usage.

Cardholders from Spain had been one of the fastest to adopt contactless technology for everyday purchases in Europe. With 45% of all payments being contactless in 2017, the Visa Spain team wanted to keep usage momentum and encourage long-term adoption. BBD was therefore tasked with the challenge of a developing a World Cup digital incentive promotion that would encourage everyday Visa payments.


Bright Blue Day has long worked with Visa to leverage incentive promotions as a route toencourage consumers to purchase with their Visa card. In the last 6 years, BBD has run over 50 promotions for Visa – using them as a reason to stay front of mind, encourage behaviour change and to reward loyalty.

BBD worked closely with the Spanish teams and local agencies to determine the key objectives of the campaign – providing Spanish consumers on the move with a frictionless way to enter a competition after using their Visa card… rewarding them with the chance to win World Cup tickets.

In order to provide the most frictionless method to entry, BBD worked with Visa to explore the utilisation of Google OCR technology for the first time. The dream being that this tech could be used to enable users to simply snap a pic of their receipt and be in with a chance to win. We wanted users to be able to go from paying to entering a competition within 5 seconds. And we wanted the solution to be mobile first.

Local mobile first promotion pages were designed, with a gamification slant on the World Cup and a simple user journey.


Users were encouraged to select their ‘winning seat’ in the stadium and then simply share a snap of their receipt. BBD would then integrate OCR technology to identify pre-determined local payment keywords – meaning we could provide instant receipt verification of Visa card usage and immediately enter them into the competition, providing an instant win or no-win notification.

The OCR software could recognise text and characters from photographs and digital camera-captured images and convert them into the legible content validated on the spot and stored in the database.

Jessica Williams (BBD lead and Client Services Director) explains: ‘This OCR function essentially replaces the need for an arduous user form completion at point of entry – it also means we only collect personal data from the winners (fantastic in a GDPR-led new world) and it means the entry design can concentrate more on gamification and brand messaging.’

Mar Gamez, Visa Spain market lead, summarised the project: ‘We were looking for a digital activation that achieved two objectives: a reason for Visa to communicate with the football fans during FIFA World Cup™ and the other being to increase the use of Visa cards in stores and online. For that we teamed up with BBD team to propose a digital and promotion experience based on gaming attributes that connect with target audience. Working with BBD was a really smooth and productive experience. Together we ensured we had a friendly design for mobile devices with clear, fast and efficient mechanic (click and win in less than 5 seconds!). Our media plan brought to the platform more than 90k views with a funnel conversion of 3.6% of users landing on the website. And we look forward to continued searching for the latest digital innovation for consumer engagements in future.’