With the acquisition of Visa Europe by Visa inc. back in 2016 Visa has moved from a bank owned model to a company that is a client of these same banks. As part of developing this new relationship Visa need to show the benefit to the banks of using their system. Visa are accountable for 1/3 of every £ spent in the UK and as such the data that runs through the system is valuable. Visa and one of their main client’s HSBS have strong commitments to environmental responsibility so Visa saw an opportunity to give back some incremental value and forge a data partnership with HSBC.


Visa engaged bbd to turn the data theory into a working prototype app that brings the vision of what HSBC and Visa could achieve in terms of helping customers change their behaviour to spend in a more environmentally friendly way. 


“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” Lord Kelvin

By quantifying and measuring customer’s green spend over time it gives them the chance to track and improve the environmental impact of their spend. By also giving users the context of the regional and national average scores so users can compare themselves to the country as well as their postcode adds a competitive nature to encourage behavior change.


Partnering with both Visa and HSBC, bbd designed a prototype app which used anonymised data to demonstrate the app’s functionality. The app showed the user how green their spend was in the preceding months as an indexed score to help contextualise the greenness of their spend. It also gives the user levels to work towards based on their current score, and tips and coaching to help increase their score as well as breakdowns by categories and the associated transactions.


The prototype app was widely well received within both organisations and is currently moving into phase 2 of development.