We’re all going on a Bright Blue Holiday - Bright Blue Day

We’re all going on a Bright Blue Holiday

I’ve come on a little work hiatus, to sunny Bournemouth with Bright Blue skies to a powerhouse agency in the town centre. I have taken two days out of my normal London routine working for HP Inc. to be an intern for Bright Blue Day.

Working for HP has allowed me to get involved with fundraising for the Prince’s Trust; trying to get struggling young people back into work and education. In aid of this, HP Interns set up a program called ‘Intern as a Service’, where interns ask their network if they would like to hire them for a day for a donation to the Prince’s Trust. Bright Blue Day was kind enough to take part and let me come and intern with them for two days. Little did I know that I would be gaining invaluable career experience just before returning for my final year of university!

Being here for two days has whipped off the rose and given me blue tinted glasses for agency life, so here are the things I have learnt:

1. When people say everyone at an agency is friendly, it’s true. All the BBD’ers have taken me in and made me one of the team, chatting to me about all elements of the agency from creative to planning. They’ve even been willing to let me help on projects!

2. It doesn’t matter which office I am in, I will never understand the coffee maker! I mean why do they make them so loud and complicated!?

3. BBD know. I mean they know. The knowledge at the BBD desks is incredible, because they all get involved in the projects. Collectively, their experience and industry know-how is crazy impressive. As they all get involved in different projects, they see each other’s processes and why things happen meaning they have developed Sherlock Holmes level brain power.

4. Don’t stroke Hugo, he is a strong independent office dog who doesn’t need (or want) your attention, so keep walking!

5. Finally, when work is fun, it isn’t as hard – well, hard to keep going, it still looks tricky! A lot of people say, ‘work hard, play hard’ but when you find the work fun, it stops being work. At Bright Blue Day, everyone works hard because they love what they are doing (and they’re great at it!) so the time flies and so does the work – into the inbox of clients that is!

Overall, I have had the best two-day crash course into agency life at Bright Blue Day, and I’ve loved every moment of it! Now, roll on the beach and the weekend!