This may not be the blog you were looking for. Nor is it a commentary on famous American achievement, but bear with me.

Welcome to my bbd newbie(ish) blog. The caveat here is that I started on the 4th of July, so I have had a good few weeks to pull together my thoughts into a coherent attempt at a blog.


If you haven’t already met, spoke or had a video chat with me. I’m Tom Stembridge the new Junior Account Director at bbd.

I’m a recovering Londoner who moved to Bournemouth in 2017 to enjoy not being in London. Since then I’ve had my 1st child who is now 3 years old, and spend most of my free time working out how to keep her from injuring herself on a daily basis. I’m also an avid rugby fanatic / ex player.

1st Day

The 4th of July, was my 1st day at Bright Blue Day, so I ended up celebrating it albeit for a different reason.

Notable 1st day date aside, I was excited to start and meet all the incredible people & clients I’d be working with. In my interview I had been impressed with the openness of bbd, their enthusiasm, knowledge and values.

I quickly learned, that what impressed me in the interview and convinced me to join bbd, were all validated within the 1st day. Everyone I spoke to was friendly, passionate and extremely curious about myself, the industry and their clients.

1st Week

In the 1st week I was getting involved in all manner of projects. All of which were treated as an opportunity to delight & surprise with what could be achieved.
It was exciting to see everyone involved discussing the “what if we did this”, “has anyone tried this?” and working towards an outcome that was genuinely creative and different.

1st month(s)

8 weeks on I have been on an exciting learning journey, getting to know all the bbd ins & outs, my clients and the markets they operate in. The team at bbd have been amazing in answering all of my many questions. As I sit here 8 weeks on from the 4th July. I feel incredibly proud to be working at a business which is clearly as passionate as I am. In delivering the best possible solutions and approaches to everything we’re given.

I’m looking forward to the months and the exciting challenges that lay ahead.


Tom Stembridge
Junior Account Director