In April 2019 bright blue day was reinvented, and this not only came with beautiful branding but also a new proposition. We became obsessed with the words ‘relentless relevance’ – because we saw how rapidly the consumer landscape was changing and how hard it was for brands to keep up. So through a blend of psychology, technology and craft, we found the solution was to not only be relevant but to do it relentlessly.

As well as our grounded belief in relentless relevance, we gave ourselves a set of core values that meant we were constantly pushing ourselves to be better, and never underestimating the importance of delivering awesome every day. 

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Having been at bright blue day for nearly 2 years, I’ve journeyed through a lot of significant moments, but our re-brand has been the one by far that has forever shifted the culture of our agency and impacted me the most. Our core values sit at the heart of who we are, and are there to remind us how to live and breathe relentless relevance.

We’re independent thinkers

Woman Holding Can labeled Independent Thinkers

We’re unapologetic about being a full service agency, we’re multi-disciplined and we’ve embraced a more agile, responsive way of working with our clients. And this is not only displayed in the work we produce but also how we work together.

If you’ve ever worked on a new business pitch before, then you know it demands all of your energy, enthusiasm and effort. It is also one of the most inspiring things you can be a part of, because it brings people from different areas of the agency together.

I was part of a new business pitch last year, and the brief was to respond with a campaign idea that inspired, communicated and acquired. Our team was made up of directors, creatives, client service, planners and social hybrids. Although we all had our own ideas, there was a common goal that we were all aligned with, and we developed a process which gave each person a significant part to play.

We listened, challenged and learnt from each other, which sparked killer ideas and inspired everyone to bring their best to the project. So of course we won the pitch, but regardless of the outcome, it was the process we took to encourage independent thinking and utilise the right skills that produce some of our best work, and was something that to this day, I am so proud to have been apart of.

We’re Fearlessly Authentic

Woman Holding Can labeled Fearlessly Authentic

We’re encouraged to be fearless in authenticity, to bring our whole, passionate selves to the table but in balance, work hard and be professional. The truth is, you may work with the world’s biggest brands but behind it all are just people, like you and me, and people buy from people. The reason we’re so good at retaining our clients is because of our efficient processes and more importantly our ability to build relationships. It’s completely in your hands to build that trust, bring the enthusiasm, find that mutual respect, hold integrity, and really know your clients. 

Having worked in agency for a few years now, relationships have been the most important investments I’ve made in my career. I’m convinced that you can’t do your job to the best of your ability without good working relationships. This isn’t to say you need to be friends with everyone, or try to be your clients best friend. It means be fearlessly authentic and make a genuine effort to build relationships with the people you work with, because it goes an incredibly long way.

We’re Driven to Mastery

Woman Holding Can labeled Driven to Mastery

A few months ago, our growing demand in social activation meant there was a need to learn and expand our expertise in all things social. So I was a part of a team of hybrid account managers and planners, who could not only plan and execute an entire marketing campaign, but were also genuinely passionate about mastering the skill.

Our team worked regularly to understand the social landscape and current trends, through weekly training, platform hack sessions, attending industry-leading conferences and applying learnings through successful lead-gen campaigns.

That is what it means to be driven to mastery – we saw a growing need and we were reactive and willing to take the risk to nurture an emerging stream. This mindset has completely changed the way we respond to new opportunities, and as we continue to develop, we look for more ways of extending our learnings to other areas of the agency.

As I move on from bright blue day, I can so gratefully take these values with me to my next role, but also never forget the impact they had on me while I was here living and breathing relentless relevance.

Isabelle Phillips
Isabelle Phillips
Account Manager