Those of you who are fans of the bbd franchise will recall the Crisp World Cup 2019.

Back in the murky depths of September 2019, we shook the world of snack-based mini-tournaments as Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations clinched victory and cemented themselves as the immortal bbd ‘best crisps of all time’.

Well, the crisp world cup was probably the greatest achievement in bbd history. The subsequent blog was up there as one of the greatest pieces of literature in the 21st century. You’d even argue that at least 75% of the sales generated by Sweet Chilli Sensations is down to the fact that they were victorious last year.

With such a long-lasting legacy, you’d have to be mad to try it again. They say the sequel is never as good as the original. Leave good things in the past.

Not at bbd.

So not even 3 months after the crisp world cup bowed out, the next tournament was being created. Was it because the whole office was in lockdown and needed a little pick-me-up? Or was it the empty crisp-world-cup-shaped void left in my heart?

Either way, we needed another (slightly pointless) competition. But what could we test at an acceptable social distance? That’s right. Some sweet sweet music.

And so the Song World Cup was born.

How it works

We asked all 32 members of the bbd office to send in their dutty riddims. Each morning, two songs would clash head-to-head in a Slack poll. If you lose, you’re out and dignity is lost. If you win, you’re one step closer to the coveted trophy.


There was a vast array of songs that came through qualification. From rock rhythms to classical compositions, we saw some relative unknowns make it through. We even had a Bulgarian track enter the mix.

The stats

The infographic that you never knew you needed until just now. After crunching the numbers, we found that the bbd office song statistically should be ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ by Queen. But the song world cup isn’t played on paper.

The draw

A tense live Zoom draw took place and served up some massive fixtures.

As expected, Bo-Rhap went into the tournament as hot favourites

Round of 32

There were some seriously tasty games in the first round. The placement student beat the MD and was quickly sent back to uni. In the tie of the round, 2 am wedding classic Hey Jude was eliminated by Don’t You Forget About Me. Live and Let Die, Mr Blue Sky and Live Forever all won out by a single vote. Clark Snr defeated Clark Jnr meaning the only classical Ballard was gone. Foo Fighters were the only artist to make it through twice, with Learn to Fly and Everlong doing the business.

Last 16

There were comfortable victories for Sittin’ On The Dock of the Bay, Don’t You Forget About Me and Learn To Fly as they book their spot in the quarter-finals. Love tore Pav and Gill apart as Wicked Games was dumped out. Bohemian Rhapsody is looking comfortable after another victory over Elbow and One Day Like This. Live and Let Die wins it on the final vote and Live Forever looks like they might do just that as they claim victory. After a mammoth first victory, September is boogie-ing on through to the next round.

Quarter Finals

We’re getting into the business end of the tournament now. Don’t You Forget About Me continue their impressive run and kick Otis Redding and Mags into the dock by the bay. Foo Fighters fly into the last 4 as they overcome Love Will Tear Us Apart. Game 3 serves up the biggest upset you’ll see this year as Live and Let Die beat Bohemian Rhapsody. Was it because people fancied something different? Did the bbd office prefer their songs short and sweet? Either way, they’ll be telling this story for years to come. Finally Josie and September overcome a strong Live Forever track.

Semi Finals

It was a surprisingly comfortable win for Sarah and Don’t You Forget About Me in the first semi-final. Foo Fighters and Liam’s journey comes to an end after a strong tournament.

The second game was tight, with JMac taking the victory over Steve. Both strong songs and despite heroics in the quarter finals, Live and Let Die bowed out.

The Final

It all comes down to this. One match stands between these two ladies and eternal glory. Don’t You Forget About Me and September. Two excellent songs but who will be crowed the bbd Song World Cup winners 2020?

The winner is…

It’s official. The bbd Song World Cup winner for 2020 is September by Earth, Wind and Fire. After a tournament filled with drama, dreams and despair, Josie walks away with the famous trophy.

Freddie Molyneux
Placement Student