Hi, I’m Emmy. It has been a lifelong dream to find a place of work that reflects me as much as bbd.

Joining bbd after 18 months of home working, I was worried it would be a shock to the system. However, I have never been made to feel more welcome and have been met by a second family work culture. On my first day, I walked into a display of glitter, balloons and even a welcome card with messages from the bbd team!

The away-day

After just three weeks of being at bbd, I was swept up in joining my first ever bbd away-day. It had been the talk of the office since I arrived and I heard many stories of what to expect. To say the least, I was excited!

The day had arrived and we boarded the party bus for an action-packed and booze-filled extravaganza. We arrived at a country mansion complete with an indoor and outdoor pool which I definitely wanted to make the most out of! Welcomed in with an aperitif of a boozy shot, the party had begun.

First on the agenda and the only way to start a great day, was a yoga session. As our downward dogs and warrior poses graced one of the grand rooms, I had the chance to reflect and set an appropriate mantra for the day. ‘You’re still too new to drink too much and embarrass yourself!’ So after a quiet few words with myself, I was ready to join the others and get this party underway.

The day flew by, along with the glasses I was getting through, and everyone had so much fun. I have to confess my competitive streak came out slightly too much in some of the team games, but then again there’s nothing wrong with over-excited cheering to support your team!

Back in the office

As far as ice breakers go, the team away-day was the one. Being back in the office, it feels like I’m wholeheartedly a part of this big dysfunctional family. With office yoga opportunities, team lunches and many after-hours pub trips on the cards, I feel like I have struck gold joining bbd.

And with the Halloween party just announced, my only challenge is to think of a special trick to debut at the office talent show… any ideas?

Emmy Cammegh
Senior SEO and CRO Planner