A concept of two opposing or contrary forces that may actually be complimentary or interconnected that may give rise to each other.

Source Wikipedia

One take on this concept, and the view I will adopt further on, is the idea that two different forces (light and dark) balance and ultimately can lead to growth. And with the idea of light and dark in mind, where better than to start than with the past two years. For many, recent times have brought several ‘dark’ moments, from lockdowns, cancelled plans and a limit on holidays. However, as we are starting to see, the light moments are on the horizon and things are opening up, events are going ahead, and holidays are back on the table.

And if these past two turbulent years have taught me anything, it’s that it’s important to view things on balance. Yes, there were and will be ‘dark’ moments, but these are followed with moments of ‘light’. And bbd adopted this view for the team’s latest away day, where a Yin and Yang theme took centre stage. During this day, the team were encouraged to look back at the year’s light and dark moments (involving a couple of creative ‘lockdown inspired games from Zoom calls to a Deliveroo game which even included a certain member of the bbd team pinching the local’s Indian takeaway). It was a theme that encouraged reflection and was a great way to create a sense of balance to take forward into the rest of the year.

Balance really is key, and, for me, a striking feature of the culture at bbd. Being new to the agency world, I had no preconceptions of what life would be like and had only a vague idea of what to expect. But, during my time here, so far, it is clear to see that striking the right balance between work and down time, a balance between creativity and functionality is important to the company’s success. Much like the concept of Yin and Yang, this balance then gives rise to something more, or in this case, further growth and this growth leads to change.

Finding the right balance in times of change can be a challenge to overcome and bbd has recently seen some changes including the arrival of six newbies in recent times (me included). Finding a way to smoothly integrate so many new faces, without impacting productivity would be a challenge for any company but it is one, I feel, bbd has excelled at. You only need to read the blogs of my fellow newbies (Ellie’s here, Emmy’s here) to see that this is a view that is shared across the company.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my start to life at bbd and look forward to what is to come, whether this is good or bad, light, or dark or Yin or Yang, I guess, only time will tell…

David Whittaker
Account Executive and Content Editor.