But that’s the great part! 

Sometimes when you’re given an extra bit of reign, a new step forward, you can run before you can walk… You may even want to be flying! But you have to remember, there is still plenty of time to learn and grow your wings.

Recently I have been given the opportunity of taking the step up from AE to AM (one letter, big difference). It’s been so exciting, but also I have needed to find my footing. Sometimes when you’re so determined to impress, you can forget that you’re still in the early days of your career. There is also that added pressure of figuring out what the difference between ‘Executive’ and ‘Manager’ actually is… 3 months down the line, I’m starting to figure it out, as well as see where I may have tripped up at the start.

I think I panicked and thought ‘I GOT THIS, I HAVE TO GOT THIS’

I think I panicked and thought ‘I GOT THIS, I HAVE TO GOT THIS’ to prove that I was capable of being a Manager at the start. When actually, some things haven’t changed. I still have a team to support me, I still have mentors to learn from, and I am not expected to know all the answers.

Being a grown up isn’t easy. I only recently left university (got a First – I paid 27K to be able to say that, I’ll say it where I can), I’m doing the whole ‘indepent woman’ thing. Living alone, moved away from family, making new friends, there’s a lot to get used to. I got caught up in the idea that I have to be ‘the boss’ of everything all at once, or I’m not successful. When actually, I don’t have to be ‘the boss’ of anything just yet. I’m still growing, learning, drinking, reading, trying, more drinking, talking, exploring, the list goes on! I am NOWHERE near my final goal yet, and, why should I be? There’s still plenty of fun to be had at this stage!

Perhaps the whole ‘independent woman’ label actually adds more pressure than praise… but that’s another blog all together.

There’s no saying I won’t reach my goals one day, but there’s a lot to be learnt in realising when you need to take a step back and check in with what’s actually going on… You need to take your time. You can’t wish away all the fun parts of growing. I know I’m still at the baby steps of being an Account Manager, but because I am taking the time to learn and work with my team, I know one day I will be flying. Then, I’ll be ready for my next challenge.

But I’m not there yet! Watch this space…