Reaching niche audiences

Quintet is a group of Investment Banks operating across Europe, exclusively serving high net worth individuals.

Whilst the audience is niche, the competition is fierce. Reaching, engaging and converting new clients is a challenge – especially for a brand that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

Quintet was born from the unification of 9 separate brands under a single umbrella. This meant they had history that ran into the hundreds of years, but infrastructure that was disparate and disjointed. 

We spent the first 2 years supporting the transformation agenda and today we target high net worth individuals to generate leads across the European markets.

Delivering brand and operational transformation

Services provided to Quintet:

Strategic Consulting
Lead & Demand Generation
GTM Strategy & Execution
Audience Analysis
Creative Ideation
Content Creation
Creative Concept Platforms
Customer Journey Mapping
Google Display Remarketing
Meta & Instagram Campaigns

Developing a pan-EU channel strategy

The channel strategy for Quintet had to be decided without any historical data. The brand was new and, in some cases, the channels hadn’t even been set up. 

Our first task was to map out where Quintet needed to be and create the accounts across 9 different markets, starting with Meta and Google SEM.

With these set up, we had to hit the ground running – creating and implementing lead generation campaigns from day one.

Through constant monitoring and continual optimisations we started to see serious results.

Transforming brochureware into lead generating machines

With an infrastructure built for brochureware and a need for lead generation, the next phase of transformation was the digital ecosystem.

The website wasn’t focused on driving behaviours such as downloads or clicks, so we had to map user journeys out and focus enhancements in these key areas. The custom landing pages we created for every campaign ensured their lead messages were optimised against user journeys.

Working with Quintet, we then developed consistent data capture events that fed a new CRM – adopted by all markets. This enabled the next phase of market and central-aggregated reporting so we could start to measure ROAS effectively.

Understanding our niche audience

Our audience is discerning, smart, and didn’t make their personal wealth through frivolity.

They have worries that many of us never need consider. The old saying, “no matter your wealth, you’re only one bad divorce and one generation away from poverty”, is a genuine concern.

They are looking for an Investment Bank that understands them, provides a personal touch and invests in things that matter to them on their behalf. 

In real terms, this means that every campaign we develop has to immediately demonstrate our understanding of them and their world – whilst being broad enough to reach them, drive behaviour change and promote action.

Through continual optimisations, high-level creative and carefully constructed messaging we have seen some truly phenomenal results. As the data continues to grow, we’re constantly discovering new ways to target, engage and convert this niche audience.

A new way of working and payment on results

Quintet has been a flagship client in a number of ways, not least in the retainer models they wanted and the way they pay for our services.

The normal retainers for CS and campaign management are all in place, but they also want our Performance Team to spend time looking holistically at the ambitions of Quintet, their campaigns and the processes we use to deliver them.

We receive a unique view on all market activity, which enables us to influence or make recommendations for campaign reuse or co-creation, which improves cost efficiencies. 

We also support strategically in developing, road testing and implementing new KPIs across the business.

And it’s in our interest to succeed, as Quintet is one of our clients that pays more or less depending on the results achieved – ensuring we are as focused on their business objectives as they are.