Creating a field leader

Cohesity are a world leader in cloud-based data security and management. But competition in the sector is fierce: everyone is targeting the same job titles, with the same pain points and similar-sounding solutions.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Lean on the things that legitimately set you apart.


Brand preference in FMCG is often a race to win hearts and minds. Traditionally B2B hasn’t worried about this, focusing instead on product features and benefits. 

But in a world where USP’s are lost in months, not years, Product and Marketing have had to get a lot cosier. Their agency of choice has to understand not only the intricacies of their core product truths, but also the real humans behind the target audience.

Fail to do this, and you’ll never break free from the crowd.

Modern challenges need modern solutions

Services provided to Cohesity:

Audience Analysis
Brand Activation
Creative Ideation
Creative Concept Platforms
Content Creation
GTM Strategy & Execution

Cutting through the noise

B2B is has shifted gears to B2P. We understand that whilst we support Cohesity as a global enterprise company – one that talks to job titles and roles – behind these profiles are real people.

People who, in our experience, are the most targeted, over-communicated, stressed and time-poor audience we work with. 

Working closely with Cohesity, we developed a communications platform that would span a year: creating a brand that gets cut through and delivers content that provides real value to its audience.

This requires not only a deep understanding of the brand and how to activate it across channels, but also the agility needed to create content at speed and turn it into a polished output that reflects the value of the content.

A powerful extension of the team

Our introduction to Cohesity was grounded in several years working with similar clients and we came highly recommended by a fantastic client who’d moved into the company. Thrilled by what lay ahead, we took becoming a partner seriously, becoming fully focused on ensuring the longevity of our working relationship.

The relationship we’ve since developed is built on trust, communication and creative collaboration. We’ve been referred to as "a powerful extension of the Cohesity brand team" – an accolade we take great pride in, and one that’s backed by effective results.

Now 2 years into our relationship, our knowledge and expertise continues to grow – we’re constantly investing ahead of requirements to ensure we can truly act as a partner that ‘gets’ what needs to be done and how it needs to happen. 

Room to flex our creative muscles

For Cohesity, identity and brand is sacrosanct. Therefore, being involved in a transition to a familiar, yet re-energised look and feel is both challenging and exciting. As we all know, brand guidelines and brand application can often be worlds apart.

Building off our strong creative partnership, we worked in unison with the brand team to explore how the brand’s new look, tone and feel could be applied – often at speed and against tight deadlines.

The results? Assets and campaigns that looked great and delivered serious wow factor, whilst still feeling authentically Cohesity.

 Experiencing the potential of a brand unfolding before you is sure to ignite the creative sparks, and thanks to the side-by-side way in which we work with our clients, direct conversations around future brand campaign possibilities became a staple part of conversation. Client flexibility expected and agency trust ensured.

"We regard bbd as a strong extension of our internal brand team."

Jackie Sandoval, VP Corporate Marketing - Cohesity