A long-term

HPE Aruba Networking is a global edge-to-cloud company that transforms businesses by helping them connect, protect, analyse, and act on all their data and applications wherever they live, from edge to cloud.

We have helped HPE Aruba Networking reach new audiences, stand out from the crowd and activated global campaigns in multiple regions around the world.

Working across all areas of the HPE Aruba Networking B2B marketing portfolio from enterprise level communications and campaigns through to HPE Networking’s Instant On suite of Access Points and Switching solutions. 

We support them in creating effective campaigns across multiple channels which includes everything from
social assets, videos, literature and Campaign Implementation guides to allow global marketing teams to roll out campaigns in their local markets.

Translating global ideas into local activations

Services provided to HPE Aruba Networking:

Audience Analysis
Creative Ideation
Creative Concept Platforms
GTM Strategy & Execution
Lead & Demand Generation
Motion Content
Content Creation

Simplifying the complexity of B2B sales

Our work with HPE Aruba Networking focuses on supporting lead generation. Developing complex lead gen strategies using Miro boards, funnels across the entire sales journey and identifying the values of MQL and SQL opportunities.

With such a complex product range we have developed a comprehensive understanding of not only the products, but also the audience challenges and sector nuances.

From developing key messaging strategies identifying pain points aligned to product proof points, to writing long form white papers, reports and thumb-stopping social posts and banners.

Activating across the world

Our work doesn’t stop at strategy, messaging and creative development.

With a presence across the globe, HPE Aruba Networking need a robust GTM strategy that can be activated in multiple markets across multiple channels, platforms and touchpoints.

We create the content required for this sales funnel. This includes explainer videos that bring to life the products, social content that grabs your attention and drives you into the funnel, CRM email content to engage you through nurture programmes.

And it doesn’t even stop there. Each campaign is wrapped into a toolkit so it can be translated and activated across regions around the world.

The agility to help when it matters most

There are some moments when a client has a crazy idea, but passionately believe in it.

As the world started to open up post-Covid, HPE Aruba Networking wanted to run a road trip around Europe – one where a senior figure would visit different hubs and meet the sales teams that had been so isolated during the pandemic.

We brought this beautiful idea to life and went the extra mile to make it a full-on tour. With a branded and decked out Aruba Van, social gamification between destinations, competitions for merchandise and social distancing ambient media to really make the "Arubians" feel part of the family.

Knowing the brand & its audience

Working with a client as they evolve and grow is a huge privilege and one we don’t take for granted. It takes a huge amount of energy to remain fresh and contemporary. To not "know" the limitations too well that you start to believe them, to not "understand" so much that you stop asking. 

But the benefits are huge. When an agency intimately knows your brand, they know how and where to push it, how to play with it, how to make it shine. And when an agency really understands your audience they know when to inspire, when to explain and most importantly what to say.

This learning takes time, but for bbd it means the brief can be short and concise, the response can be fast and single minded. Everything irrelevant can be removed from the process and we can all get the important objective of making beautiful work that delivers results. 

"Thank you! The team did an excellent job
on everything! You always do, but changes were really minimal throughout all
phases – and all in record time."

Sue Jirles

An extension of the HPE Aruba Networking team

This amazing team know their AP’s from their Switches. But more than that they know how to work with the internal teams across the business at HPE Aruba Networking.

From product experts, to copywriters, strategists, to brand. Knitting together audiences, information, processes and platforms to develop lead gen campaigns that deliver real results.

Even though the teams are an ocean apart, they move as one.