Making a step change

RSA is one of the world’s largest and oldest insurance providers. But being long-established can make moving fast a challenge. 

In a sector that continues to evolve hundreds of years after its creation, the question is not if, but how fast change can happen.

We’ve worked across the Insurance industry for over 20 years and are lucky to have worked with key figures who have been at RSA for even longer.

As they embrace disruption across the Insurance industry and restructure their world, our remit is simple: 

Drive innovation, push boundaries and support them on their mission to make a step change. 

Challenge thinking & push boundaries

Services provided to RSA:

Audience Analysis
Brand Activation
Creative Ideation
Content Creation
GTM Strategy & Execution
Meta & Instagram Campaigns
Motion Content
Lead & Demand Generation

A trusted partner

With our wealth of insurance knowledge and specific experience in the B2B sector we’re closely supporting RSA as they continue to play a leading role in the industry.

Looking at every customer touchpoint, every comms moment and every platform, we’re building change from the ground up. That isn’t always easy for a company that’s stood strong for over 300 years.

So, we take each moment to consider if there’s a better way to engage the audience. Some new innovation that better reflects the RSA of today, rather than a perception of them from years ago. 

We support the client from brief creation to final delivery. Nothing is more satisfying than being with them on this journey.

Changing perceptions

Our initial projects have focused on re-engaging audiences to make them aware of how RSA have changed. 

The investment, the people, the service lines. So much has changed that it’s a great story to tell. However, getting reach and cut through can be a challenge in B2B when products can be seen as commodities. 

So, we’re working hard with RSA to create differentiation through every comms moment, from Augmented Reality Direct Mailers to classic industry events. With a deep understanding of the audience and a great creative team, everything can be levelled up.

Frictionless experiences

Just as in the B2C space, B2B customers also expect frictionless experiences, with the flexibility of self serve to improve efficiency.

To support RSA, we’ve created Partner toolkits that provide clear, simple and tailored content that can be used easily in their own comms. But that wasn’t enough for RSA – they wanted to make things really easy.

So, we built a Partner Portal. On sign-up, businesses simply add their company’s details and logo – with the portal automatically co-branding hundreds of marketing assets for them to use. When that Partner needs a social post, web banner, or an email header, everything is RSA and Partner branded, ready to go.

A small step on the journey that delivers a big impact.

Reaching further

In the B2B world, a single customer view is a valuable commodity – but across various systems, different platforms and many years, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

However, our job is to find solutions to challenges. If we can’t easily communicate with those audiences directly, then we’ll use the B2P approach and reach them socially.

Just another example of how we’re supporting RSA to approach things differently and make a step change.