Staying top of wallet

Despite being one of the world’s most recognisable and trusted brands, as a payment ‘network’ Visa do not actually provide products or services directly to consumers. 

With payments today being one of the most disruptive sectors, they face increasing competition from innovative new fintechs. 

Put simply, their biggest challenge is to stay relevant. That’s where we come in.

Our work with Visa has grown over the last 15 years as Visa has evolved. We’ve supported them through an ever-changing landscape, from dominance to disintermediation. 

Helping them reach consumer audiences, stay ahead during the explosion of fintech options and leverage sponsorship deals that set them apart from the competition.

5 Marketing Directors, 8 Olympics and 4 World Cups

Services provided to Visa:

Audience Analysis
Creative Ideation
Content Creation
Creative Concept Platforms
Enterprise CMS Implementations
Lead & Demand Generation
GTM Strategy & Execution
Meta & Instagram Campaigns
TikTok Campaigns
Motion Content

Launching new products

Through the years we have helped Visa take some of its flagship products to market across the EU. 

From Contactless Cards to Visa Checkout, we’re producing campaigns to engage merchants and consumers – ensuring supply is ready to meet the created demand.

More recently, we’ve helped Visa launch products with partners like HSBC Zing – a new card that lets you manage currencies whilst travelling – and Huobi, a first in Crypto spend.

Our ability to understand the audience, combined with a true knowledge of what makes Visa unique in each market, enables us to deliver campaigns that not only resonate, but ultimately drive acquisition and usage at scale.

38 websites in 27 countries and 17 languages

We have managed the Visa EU digital estate for over 10 years. This has included 3 migrations across various Enterprise CMS platforms.

With robust and streamlined processes, we take requests every day from 27 individual markets for content changes, updates and content creation.

We also work with Visa Global to manage central content dissemination and translation into market websites.

Beyond the content management, we have also built two platforms that support Accessibility and SEO efforts across the estate.

Our platforms continually scan and flag content which falls below the stringent requirements laid out by Visa.

Reaching and engaging audiences

Staying front of wallet is a challenge in today’s complex payments landscape. New fintech providers are seemingly popping up every day, whilst payment moments are becoming so frictionless, you often don’t even see them happening. 

So, getting in front of consumers is a challenge. Part of the solution for Visa has been to deliver some of the world’s greatest sponsorships. Here, we’ve played a major part in activating these iconic sponsorship moments.

7 years ago, we built a promotion engine which enables Visa to offer prizes for engagement, card usage or activation. Our engine allows consumers to enter via social, OCR, QR, web form, as well as a host of other entry mechanics.

We have developed countless promotions that educate, entertain and inspire, leveraging sponsorships for the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, Team GB, Usain Bolt and Lucy Bronze.

Creating partner opportunities

We all choose our banks, but not the card we’re issued. The bank decides which of the two major players they want to issue – Visa or Mastercard. 

So, providing additional services to the bank is vital to ensure a strong relationship and increase the value of the partnership.

We have worked with Visa across a range of bank campaigns and promotions, including HSBC Global, Lloyds Bank, The Co-operative Bank, Barclays and First Direct. Our work has helped them reach niche audiences, drive card usage, acquire new customers and increase brand loyalty.

But it doesn’t stop at banks. We also work with merchants to promote Visa in their co-branded campaigns. We’ve been a trusted pair of hands to build and deliver results for a dizzying array of global brands, including Disney, Airbnb, Papa John’s and Harrods.

It’s the team that makes the dream work

From late-night award ceremonies to cross-Europe trips to meet the local market teams – our very own team Visa work day in, day out to make it all happen.

Dedicated to Visa, they work tirelessly to drive forward the agenda, aligning KPI’s and personal OKR’s to business outcomes. With their combined 70 years of Visa knowledge, they often act as the glue across inter-agency relationships and knowledge.