128 qualified leads in 120 days

Zurich Insurance UK wanted to increase interest in their school insurance services amongst both local authority and academy schools. However, they were struggling to identify, target and convert key decision makers.

Our lead-generation campaign dialled into this missing audience, delivering Zurich 128 qualified leads in just 4 months – an 8x increase over last year’s campaign.

228% over target at 70% less than the projected cost per lead

Services provided:

GTM Strategy & Execution
Lead & Demand Generation
Audience Analysis
Content Creation
Google Display Remarketing
LinkedIn Campaigns
PPC (Paid Search) Campaigns
Consistently Exceeding Year-on-Year Performance

Since 2019, we’ve been managing successful paid campaigns for Zurich Schools. In 2023, we stepped up and supercharged this consistent performance with Wave 3.

Our combination of hard-fought learnings from previous campaigns and finely-tuned strategy produced Zurich’s best-performing insurance campaign to date — delivering 228% of projected leads.

The challenge: niche audience, multiple decision makers

A niche audience bound up in a complicated decision-making process? This was going to be a challenge. Yet we reached and converted them anyway. How?

  • Test. Learn. Optimise. We put the results to work for us.
  • Deploying Paid Social and PPC in parallel to enhance campaign performance. 
    • Paid Social generated awareness, reached new customers and re-targeted prospects who’d already visited the landing page. 
    • PPC targeted in-market prospects searching for school and academy insurance.
PPC: Insight-led changes that optimised performance

Our Google Ads PPC strategy was initially split equally between school and academy insurance — with dedicated keywords, ad groups and copy for each.

However, after noticing search volumes for generalised school insurance were consistently higher, we combined the two into a single ad-group. This dramatically increased results.

Paid Social: Refined channels, targeting and creative

Our paid social campaign was based entirely around Linkedin. The rationale? We could precisely target decision-makers at schools based on their job titles and seniority.

This targeting strategy, combined with ad creative designed around disruptive colours and attention-grabbing opening questions, doubled our Paid Social CTR versus previous campaigns. We also boosted conversion rates, culminating in improved year-on-year performance.







Sustained performance

Our refined campaign structure, targeting and creative strategy proved to be highly effective, generating over 100 marketing qualified leads, at just 30% of the projected cost-per-lead. Zurich are extremely pleased with yet another year-on-year improvement in performance and are currently considering running a second wave of this campaign in the first quarter of 2024. With strong CTR’s across both Paid Social and PPC, we will now turn our attention to testing landing page layouts, copy and content to improve conversion rates.

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