HPE Aruba Networking has a well-established and well-deserved reputation as a leading network vendor among Enterprise customers. However, its world-leading AI network security offer was not getting the attention or sales it deserved. 

We needed to raise their profile as a leading security framework provider and position the brand as the first choice for network security.

Raising Aruba’s profile in network security

Services provided:

GTM Strategy & Execution
Lead & Demand Generation
Content Creation
Creative Ideation
Establishing relevance with a highly selective audience

We needed to demonstrate empathy for the modern threat landscape and engage the Enterprise security buyer in how Aruba’s 360° Secure Fabric changes the game.

We combined our learnings from analyst reports and white papers with conversations with sales and marketing personnel to understand current industry trends and crystallise our value add. 

The 3 challenges facing these consumers
  1. Security professionals had a dilemma: their network needed to be open to meet mobility and digital transformation requirements, whilst simultaneously protecting against attacks.
  2. The threat landscape was being shaped by the dual forces of:

    1. Increasingly sophisticated and hard-to-detect attacks.
    2. The proliferation of BYOD, IOT and Cloud systems, which generate overwhelming numbers of false positives.
  3. There was fierce competition for the best analysts, who could provide more sophisticated threat responses.

Security at the centre of mobility

We identified that whilst many vendors can detect who and what is on the network,
Aruba 360 Secure Fabric goes further – providing vital insight into what those people and devices are doing. This was their opportunity.

Networking and security are different sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. HPE Aruba Networking’s offerings give users the confidence to implement intelligent mobility without compromising security.

Developing the conversation

While other vendors talked about protecting the network from the outside, our content strategy centred around how Aruba was part
of the fabric of the network and provided strength from within.

Distilling this unique offer into a proposition that would resonate with our audience, we landed on…

Stay one step ahead of the attackers by having the one thing
they don’t: Insider knowledge


Creative, assets and tactics

To deliver the idea of ‘insider knowledge’ effectively, the creative work needed confident headlines – showing an understanding of and empathy with the problems faced by our audience.

This meant content with straightforward language that confidently carried the idea that Aruba made working together simple and straightforward.

Next, we needed striking, clean and uncluttered art direction. The consistent visual element had to be representative of the sheer amount of ‘low and slow’ attacks that networks are open to. The ‘repetition’ visual achieved this.


Campaign deployment

The multi-touch integrated campaign structure is a three-tier campaign model, with each stage aligned to the customer journey – Awareness, Consideration and Interest.

Touch 1

At the awareness level, Touch 1 ads are served to generate interest in Aruba 360° network security. These ads comprise a series of thought-leadership messages around the notion of intelligent security threat detection, and might be deployed across a variety of channels depending on the objective of the campaign.

Touch 2

Those that engage with Touch 1 ads, for example by clicking on the ad or visiting the associated landing page, are then re-targeted with Touch 2 ads. Touch 2 ads should be more pain point or benefit focused and direct in their tone of voice. The objective of these ads is to drive the recipient to complete a desired call-to-action.

Touch 3

At the consideration level, users are typically directed to a campaign landing page. Depending on the objective of the campaign, the on-page content, user-flow and desired call-to-action can be adjusted accordingly. A lead generation campaign, for example, might feature a piece of valuable gated content to capture prospect details, whilst an awareness campaign may feature several ungated assets and an option to request a call-back.

Touch 4

Assuming the objective of the campaign is lead-generation, the next stage; Interest, might include a variety of tactics to engage prospects and qualify their interest. These might include, follow-up calls from Business Development Representatives (BDR’s) or Sales, entry into an Eloqua/Marketo email nurture programme, or even the scheduling of a 1:1 meeting or workshop.

Rolling out the campaign

In addition to creating the proposition, campaign platform, messaging, social strategy and all the assets, we also delivered a Campaign implementation guide for local and regional marketing teams. This enabled them to tailor our global creative platform and content marketing strategy to create united local
and regional campaigns and thought leadership activity to build
an active and engaged pipeline of leads.

"Thank you so much for all you’ve done. You’ve made a potentially painful process very easy with all the great ideas"

Joseph Marzulla, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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