Z by HP

Disrupting a
B2B audience

The launch of Z by HP: Disrupting a B2B audience through Instagram Stories

HP originally came to us to reposition their new ‘Z by HP’ Series of computer workstations – targeting an aspirational ‘high achiever’ audience of both ITDMs and power users. Our initial launch campaign ran across LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. For this second phase of activity, we looked to continue profile-based targeting via social media – building on the already proven messaging, but leveraging the (appropriately) visual and immersive platform that is Instagram Stories.


The challenge was to position the Z by HP Series as the workstation of choice for IT Decision Makers and End Users. We needed to reach an audience of high achieving engineers, architects, manufacturers and the highly ambitious construction segment.

Forever striving to be the best, their quest to perform and deliver breakthrough designs is relentless. It was clear that this audience needed to be impressed – at lightning speed.


Our central objective was to raise awareness of ‘Z by HP’ as a new brand, which would result in a pool of individuals, primed to make the switch from competing brands.


Instagram Stories was the channel of choice, a place where we could disrupt the feed and grab their attention. We developed a suite of 15 second videos with each video crafted specifically to each industry. By placing the Z by HP at the centre of the action, showcasing design simulations, VR and design rendering, our high achievers would understand the high-performance features of this new brand of workstation – in seconds.

Our quick-fire messaging around achievement, innovation and disruption would place our architects, our engineers and our manufacturers within the story, they would instantly identify. Delivered to an orchestral soundtrack – selected as unexpected and intriguing, our creative made it clear that this was the workstation to rely on. This was their enabler to deliver the beyond.


The campaign is performing well, with our Instagram stories delivering some impactful stats in the first quarter:

578K impressions

1543 clicks and 0.27% CTR

4% engagement rate

21,400 views of the first 3 seconds of the video

5,895 views of the full video, a 28% completion rate