Proud to Care


Recruitment in the care sector continues to be an ongoing challenge. They therefore wanted to raise the profile of care work to BCP residents. There was a challenge to break the stereotypes on how care work is still perceived to be an underpaid and undervalued role. We, bbd, needed to bring positive awareness to the care sector by showcasing the valued staff, clients, the range of roles and skills whilst dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions of what working in care is like.


We had to discover the best way to approach this project due to the sensitive subject matter. This project involved the team being invited into homes and the care sector for filming and interviews. As we essentially were being welcomed into the care receivers home which is likely their safe space, we needed to ease the pressure and make sure the filming process ran as organically and smoothly as possible. We started off with a conversation, a chat, and lunch to make the client as comfortable as possible. For our team which consists of copywriters, animators and designers, we needed to really know what it takes to be a career carer and how to break our own stereotypes. By creating a safety net environment, we managed to do exactly that.


bbd has created beautiful social videos in honour of the various roles the care sector has to offer. These videos are running across a range of social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This gives the consumers and potential employees an insight into the care industry. 

We delivered a website refresh for potential careers, as well as beautiful post copy across the platforms. 

Interviews, filming, films preps, covid barriers, editing, designing and managing heartwarming content… it’s been an exciting process. I am proud to share with you the finished product below. I am grateful to be able to work on a project that can potentially be life changing to some, thanks to bbd.