Brown Shipley, a subsidiary of Quintet Private Bank, approached us to generate leads for their investment management and wealth management services for high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Their previous paid campaigns had successfully generated brand awareness, but weren’t always converting to qualified leads.

Our multi-channel paid media campaign, designed to attract and convert people interested in transferring their wealth more efficiently, was hugely effective. We delivered a total of 3,090 leads across channels, resulting in the acquisition of multiple new clients with seven figure asset portfolios.

Solving the conversion conundrum

Services provided:

Audience Analysis
GTM Strategy & Execution
Lead & Demand Generation
Google Display Remarketing
Meta & Instagram Campaigns
PPC (Paid Search) Campaigns
Delivering an integrated paid campaign that exceeded all expectations

Our multi-channel paid media approach used a powerful lead magnet — “Your Essential Guide to Passing on Wealth”— as a high-value conversion point. The campaign utilised a combination of PPC advertising on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Paid Social across Meta. A mix of job title, interests and demographic targeting enabled us to drive highly-targeted traffic to a central landing page. Our PPC focused on capturing high-intent in-market prospects via relevant search terms. 

Understanding the target audience and their motivations

HNWIs are a notoriously difficult audience to target and engage. We needed to make the content as useful and as relevant to them as possible to maximise desirability and engagement. In-depth audience research unearthed a range of audience pain-points, aspirations and questions which we used to inform our messaging and ad creative. For example, ”When should I talk about passing on wealth?”

We used Paid Social to reach new audiences with no previous knowledge of Brown Shipley, capitalising on both interest-based and lookalike targeting, whilst PPC was used to target relevant non-branded keywords like family wealth planning, investment management and private banking, as well as those who were actively seeking Brown Shipley’s services through branded search queries.








Gating a desirable asset behind contact information

The success of this campaign hinged on the highly relevant guide to Passing on Wealth, which addressed the core needs of the target audience. Our in-depth audience research enabled us to develop a comprehensive landing page – detailing the benefits of the guide and what the reader would learn, as well as establishing Brown Shipley’s credibility and authority as an expert wealth manager. All of this contributed to a high conversion rate of 3.44% form view to submission.

International rollout

The campaign completely surpassed our predictions and exceeded all client expectations. It’s now being rolled out across all 7 markets of the Quintet Private Banking group, focused on generating cost-efficient leads at scale.  

For Brown Shipley, this campaign has now become part of their always-on execution and we are adding more lead magnet campaigns for their other service offerings—starting with Investment Management in the coming months.

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