Waterside sell a range of luxury holiday homes across 2 coastal locations - Weymouth & Cornwall.

With fierce competition, they need to drive leads for holiday home ownership at their 4 parks.

Holiday homes range from £40k to £0.5million in cost. They are high value and considered purchases.

To get prospects into the funnel we need to identify the right people, emotionally engage them with the content and then get them to give us our data.

Our integrated channel strategy, designed to attract, convert and nurture wealthy prospects interested in holiday home ownership generated:

1,984 leads
35 attributed sales
Paid social 25X ROAS
Paid search 35X ROAS

Waterside - Always On

Services provided:

GTM Strategy & Execution
Lead & Demand Generation
Google Display Remarketing
Content Creation
Maximising sales by capturing leads at different stages of the funnel

Waterside were heavily focused on driving Experience Days across all channels. This was expensive to do and didn’t convert as well as hoped.

We recommended introducing x3 conversion points, more tailored to leads through the funnel (Email SU, Buyer’s Guide, and Brochure Requests).

We restructured the campaigns to include a singular conversion action per campaign. This allowed us to make informed data-based decisions on which conversion points to focus on.

This approach reduced CPL by 58% and increased sales by utilising nurture better in conjunction with paid channels.

41% Year-on-Year Increase in Sales

We’ve been managing Waterside’s successful paid campaigns since 2021. In 2024, we gathered all of our learnings and implemented an insight-based strategy.

Based on historical data we refined our channel mix, campaign structure, targeting, and creative.

This was coupled with a heightened focus on lead quality to increase YoY sales by 41% and CVR by 79%, making 23/24 their top-performing campaigns to date.

Using organic social to test for paid

We wanted to position Waterside as the leader in the luxury home ownership industry.

To make more efficient use of social content we utilised organic social channels as more than simple awareness and engagement-generating.

We introduce a monthly process that feeds into the ecosystem of already existing paid social channels.

We tests what works for engagement in organic across TikTok and Reels and then elevate the content that works in to the paid campaigns.

This resulted in the greater utility of content by utilising organic channels as a creative testing ground for paid social on Meta & TikTok.

We recorded a 40% increase in reach and a 32% increase in engagement.

Tripling our CVR with Landing Page CRO

The campaigns was achieving impressive click-through rates compared to industry benchmarks, reaching as high as 6%, and generating high volumes of clicks.

The next step in our integrated channel approach was identifying key landing page optimisations to increase our conversion rate further.

We recommended changes to improve navigability, and storytelling, emphasis our CTA buttons, and reduce text to enhance content digestion, allowing for a more seamless mobile-first experience.

The optimised landing pages were successful in increasing lead volume by 300% across Paid Search and Paid social combined.





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