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Campaign positioning the HP Z Series as the workstation of choice for both power users and key IT decision-makers

Not all workstations are created equal… That was the message we were challenged to communicate. And that meant reaching out to high achievers.

The business challenge

HP have a solid reputation for manufacturing reliable, high performance laptops and desktop computers, but when it came to procurement, there was work to be done in dislodging Dell and Apple from the top spots among ITDM choices.

With the high-performance Z Series, HP had a workstation that could seriously challenge Apple when it came to processing speed, memory and graphics capability (particularly 3D modelling). It was a fearsomely ambitious machine, but without convincing ITDMs that the evidence was compelling enough to make a switch, users would not get the chance to experience the power and performance at their fingertips.

bbd were asked to create a top level strategy to establish the Z Series front of mind with ITDMs, and encourage power users to demand a better machine when it came to their next upgrade.


The overall campaign objective was to increase market share from 36 to 41%

Creative strategy

The Z Series campaign had to sit within the overall HP global ‘Keep Reinventing’ brand, but that alone would not provoke a behaviour change in ITDMs. Key to success was establishing the Z Series as an elite, high performance product, not least to put clear space between HP and Dell, which is solid and customisable, but hardly aspirational.

Building our audience personas, we focused on appealing to the ‘High Achiever’, having pinned down the distinct characteristics that set them apart. They are relentless, goal-driven and pragmatic – not to be confused with the simply ‘ambitious’, who are motivated more by the admiration of their peers.

We crafted messaging that would chime with high achievers in each of our core audience segments: FinTech, Engineering, Manufacturing, Architecture and Construction. Instead of heroing the Z Series Workstation or laptop itself, we drew attention more to the innovation, achievement or disruption that HP could deliver.

Two messaging streams were created, targeting power users on the one hand with a more product feature approach, and ITDMs on the other, pulling together the efficiencies and business value the Z series can deliver.

Our solution

The campaign was extended across social media, on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, supported by case studies and video content from HP.