Montezuma’s Chocolate

Christmas Seasoned
with Optimism

When we started working on our 2020 Xmas brief in July, it didn’t matter that we didn’t know what Christmas would bring. Both Montezuma’s and bbd just knew it called for a different type of campaign for a different sort of chocolate.


Montezuma’s Chocolate, the Chichester-based chocolatier has recently passed down from the original founders to a new management team and with this transition has come a new logo, new design, and the launch of 100% recyclable packaging. We’ve helped Montezuma’s assert its identity as an innovative, quirky presence in the UK chocolate space, and looked forward to repeating the success of our 2019 Christmas campaign, which was named in the top 10 Xmas ads of 2019 by Little Black Book and achieved a positive ROAS amongst a net new audience.


The Challenge

Polar bears and cute reindeer weren’t going to cut it for 2020. Although adorable animals are emotion led, which is a great attribute for your average Christmas ad, this wasn’t going to be an average Christmas. Montezuma’s wanted a social media led campaign to drive sales of their new Christmas range of chocolates, vegan chocolates and advent calendars. Montezuma’s also wanted to be more purchase-focused this year as their brand is more established than in 2019 and is no longer primarily focused on creating awareness.



The Solution

The way we have structured the campaign was also different to the previous year in that we utilised multiple objectives at the (Top of Funnel) TOF to reach the most of our target audience possible. We also made use of lookalikes and wide Power of Five audiences to allow the Facebook algorithm to do its thing and find those key audiences that will engage and ultimately purchase. The BOF (Bottom of Funnel) ads retargeted any of the key behaviours – video views, engagement and website visits as well as utilising lookalikes of our key website conversions.


The Results

To date, the campaign has been extremely efficient with a current ROAS of 2.54 and average video view time of 00:14 seconds (for 15 second ads). Creating compelling content for multiple objectives generated a large engaged pool at low Top of Funnel cost, making for efficient retargeting with a current ROAS of 9.