At Montezuma’s most exciting and important time of the year, we needed to create an emotional connection between one of the nation’s most given Christmas gifts to increase brand awareness and ultimately chocolate sales.

Chocolate is different to big-ticket, high-risk gifts. It’s almost universally well received and it’s the only present that you immediately give away. How often have we heard “Lovely! Would you like to try one?” when someone opens some chocolates on Christmas day?

Sometimes it’s more than the thought that counts

Services provided:

Motion Content
Creative Ideation
A gift that won’t go wrong and a character you can’t help but love

To bring this insight to life, bbd leveraged the Montezuma’s bear that has been a part of their Xmas range for a number of years and turned it into the hero of the Xmas campaign. 

The story shows the bear’s friends receiving lots of over the top gifts — all featured by one of the big hitters over the last few years (Piano, Trampoline & Night Light) — that all go wrong. In the end, we discover that all that’s really needed to bring all the characters together is the power of chocolate!






Despite the campaign only running as brand awareness activity, we saw a respectable CTR of 1.65% with 231,729 impressions and a reach of 110,233. The video itself has had 30,519 ThruPlays with a third of those watching a 75% or more of the video. The ad received over 40 shares and more than 200 reactions and comments.

"One of the best animated ads this year … A charming spin on the ‘last-resort’ nature of chocolate giving."

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