Creating an emotive Christmas advert to take on the big-names in the festive season

The challenge

Christmas is the biggest time for chocolate sales in the UK, however the market place is crowded and it’s dominated by big hitters so getting attention is difficult.

Christmas is also notoriously a time for coming together and sharing however most of the presents advertised and given around the festive period are big ticket, high pressure gifts that focus on rewarding the individual. These gifts can easily miss the mark and also ignore the sharing aspect of the season of goodwill.


Create an emotional connection between one of the nation’s most given Christmas gifts and Montezuma’s to help increase brand awareness and ultimately sales at the most important time of year for Chocolate sales.


Chocolate is different to big ticket, high risk gifts. It’s almost universally well received and it’s the only present that you immediately give away. How often we have heard “Lovely! Would you like to try one?” when someone opens some chocolates on Christmas day.


To bring this insight to life bbd leveraged the Montezuma’s bear that they have been using as part of their Xmas range for a number of years and turned it into the hero of the Xmas campaign. The story depicts the bear’s friends being given over the top gifts that have been featured by one of the big hitters over the last few years (Piano, Trampoline & Night Light) that all go wrong in the end we find out that all that is really needed to bring all the characters together is the power of chocolate.


Despite the campaign only being in the awareness stage we are seeing a respectable CTR of 1.65% with 231,729 impressions and a reach of 110,233. The video itself has had 30,519 ThruPlays with a third of those watching a 75% or more of the video. The ad has been well received to date with 40 shares and over 200 reactions and comments including: