Poole Young Carers is a small charity with a local focus — run entirely by volunteers and with no operating costs.

Their purpose as a charity is to give children and young people in Poole who care for a member of their family every day some fun, respite and support. In the words of the charity’s founder, to enable them to be “a child for a day”.

The charity had no online presence and needed a website. After a chance conversation with one of our Directors, bbd offered to create a new identity and website for them free of charge.

Giving young carers the chance to be a child for a day

Services provided:

Web Design
Web Development
Brand Activation
Content Creation
Motion Content
Giving the charity an identity that was positive and engaging

Starting with a new logo for the charity, we created a playful personality with a handwritten font and hand-drawn illustration.

As, due to privacy guidelines, we were restricted in the information and stories we could share, we illustrated 4 child characters. Through the use of bright colours, free-flowing pencil lines and subtle shading, these hero characters represented the positive nature of what the charity achieves — giving young carers the time they need to be children.

Getting Poole Young Carers online

The website was designed and created very much with its end users in mind. A simple layout and a flat structure was implemented. Strong ‘Donate now’ CTA’s were included on each page, using a simple and user-friendly 3 step donation process to make your donation.

The website was built in WordPress using a Divi plugin, delivering a seamless process between designer and developer and ensuring that the site remained true to the designer’s vision.

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