Quintet isn’t like other banks and truly sustainable investing isn’t like other investing — it’s set to be a dominant investment theme for many years to come.

Quintet needed an agency to create a high-impact creative concept for the launch and, moving forward, generate ‘market buzz’ for the world’s first entirely green investment portfolio. This is key for creating awareness and interest with possible investors. Quintet investors are like no other. They are those who have the entrepreneurial spirit, yet remain empathetic and aware of both the world around them and the challenges facing it.

They care.

Engaging investors
who are like no other

Services provided:

Creative Concept Platforms
Strategic Consulting
Brand Activation
Audience Analysis
Creative Ideation
Content Creation
GTM Strategy & Execution
Motion Content
Understanding our audience was key to maximising engagement

To get this audience’s attention, we needed to cut through the noise and really stand out. We had to make a statement, to start a meaningful conversation that drove engagement with investors and activated change in perceptions to create investor participation across the customer journey. 

Our approach was 
to create relevance between the Quintet brand world and
the customers’ world. In doing this we identified three jobs to be done:

  • The investor challenge: the cause and its relevance to them
  • Quintet’s challenge: starting the conversation of change
  • The job to be done: activate change in investors
The world’s first green investment portfolio deserved a colour as green as it is

To launch Quintet Earth, we adapted Quintet’s brand green colour to define the new zero carbon statement. To represent this we took ‘the carbon’ 
out of their green by removing the black part of 
the colour breakdown which gave us a vibrant 
new shade ‘Quintet Earth Green’ to use on communications going forward.

Elevating the conversation

If the previous creative launched the statement of intent, what followed defined the mission. It was about Quintet starting the conversation with new and existing audiences: clearly laying out what they stood for and beginning a conversation with our empathetic entrepreneur audience. Those who are brave enough to create change by their own hand. 

Those with the power to:


Becoming an activator of change

Having launched and started the conversation, we had given Quintet Earth a voice and a purpose to get behind. The next job to be done was to extend and develop a focus on empowering like-minded people to continue the conversation for us — providing Quintet with a voice that went beyond its own brand.

To do this, we created content that highlighted the CHANGE MAKERS – those who know that the world with only CHANGE BY EXAMPLE, not by opinion.

This included thought leadership pieces and an annual Change Maker Report that focused on carbon-neutral investment trends, the leading Change Makers and overviews of carbon-neutral investments made in the last 12 months.

Our aim for Quintet and their climate-neutral fund was to create a joined up series of campaigns under a strategic creative platform that delivered not only on creative excellence, but results as well.

It’s an exciting time and we are incredibly proud to have helped Quintet on their journey.

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