Webinars that stayed in digital hands and minds

As a leading data security and management provider, currently servicing 42 of the Fortune 100,  Cohesity are a major player in the IT space. Now, they needed a series of webinars that would put them into the hands and minds of even more security decision makers globally.

Rich with insights from top experts, peer perspectives and featuring sought-after hosts, this digital platform would be broadcast live and on demand. It needed its own distinctive identity to stand out from the brand and the crowd.

Our simple, relevant and deep branding enabled us to create a visual system with cross-platform stretch. Activated through social, CRM and trade partners, the webinars delivered over 12 weeks of record-breaking viewed content for Cohesity. 

On-Demand Assets

More than just a name

There’s a lot in a name. Our title would have to grab eyeballs and ensure Cohesity weren’t lost in the online nether of data security material, of which there's plenty.

‘Spotlight on Security’ not only summarises the topic in three words – the S.O.S. acronym is fitting for a webinar helping you to avoid security risks.

A visual system stretching wider than social

We leveraged the ‘spotlight’ as a hero visual that brought light to key speakers and episode information, driving audience attention and attendence to events.

The challenge was taking this identity and expanding it to a lengthy list of assets across web, social, email and webinar.

Our answer? Keeping the branding simple at its core, which allowed us to tweak various aspects of the identity in a way that kept assets fresh and unique to their independent environments. With a 12 month run ahead of us, we didn’t want to run into a dead end where the audience lost interest after the second episode.

The world of live broadcasting

In order for a live episode to run seamlessly, we needed to invest a considerable amount of timing into planning and creating webinar assets. Working closely in collaboration with a production agency, we designed a set of templates in various file formats that would turn a regular zoom call into a synchronised and dynamic visual for the audience to experience.

Animation played a large part in bringing these webinars and their accompanying assets to life. Highlights included:

  • An engaging waiting room video before the live event started
  • Transitions between each segment, covering any possible combination of hosts and guests in the call  
  • A dramatic countdown ident, complimented by an enhanced logo animation
Experimenting with visualising data security

We initially tested a number of potential visual routes that were based around alternate series titles. These ventures helped us discover what worked and what didn’t. Most importantly, we learned what could be effective in the long term and put the episode information to the forefront of the design for the benefit of the viewer.

"We regard bbd as a strong extension of our internal brand team."

Jackie Sandoval, VP Corporate Marketing, Cohesity

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