The best way to pay

Hundreds of thousands of visitors fly into London every summer from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, with many making the retail pilgrimage to Harrods. Visa wanted to welcome them with a light-touch reminder that the best way to pay during their visit was with their Visa card. How? With quirky posters in the Harrods Knightsbridge store and in Heathrow arrivals terminal.

Everyone loves a
Harrods bear

Services provided:

Brand Activation
Creative Concept Platforms
Creative Ideation
Motion Content
Videography & Photography

We needed visual shorthand for Harrods. We also needed to turn a very practical and transactional message — paying with Visa — into something engaging and memorable. Step forward the Harrods bear, who instantly brought warm, fuzzy feelings to the concept. 

Add a playful copy line to support the visual of the Visa card behind the bear’s back and you have just the right amount of cute, quirky and beautifully on brand.

By placing animated billboards that greeted visitors at Heathrow’s arrival terminals, our bear was an engaging standout amongst the sea of corporate advertising that greets you on touch down.

Within the Harrods Knightsbridge store, prominent positioning on either side of the famous Hans Road entrance escalators ensured our creative captured the hearts and minds of many shoppers.

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