Sasha’s start in social

Hi, my name is Sasha and I am the new social media account executive joining the team!

I might as well start this blog with the standard ‘fun fact about me’ which is that I have a first dan black belt in Taekwon-do.

A little about me

If you couldn’t tell by my accent, I am originally from the North — more specifically, Greater Manchester. Home to many of the all time greats, such as: Emmeline Pankhurst, Oasis and Vimto. 

If I'm not out and about with my camera taking photos of wildlife, I'm either spending way too much time gaming or learning to create digital illustrations on Procreate.

My journey down south

My first big move away from the North was to the opposite end of the Country, Cornwall, where I completed a Marine and Natural History Photography degree at Falmouth University. I have always had a love for nature and animals, so I had a lot of fun during this time.

I was able to pursue my own passion projects, such as capturing the colours and details of Dragonflies in Spain, as well as becoming a modern day Cornish droll teller. I photographed the landscapes I came across, as I emulated the same journey along the Cornish coast that Droll tellers would have taken — way back in the early 19th century — in order to tell folktales to local townspeople. 

My next big move was from Cornwall to Bournemouth, where I currently reside. Moving to Bournemouth amidst lockdowns was an interesting experience to say the least and applying for jobs was even more so! 

This is when I became a Teaching Assistant and GCSE Photography Teacher at a local SEN secondary school. Being able to teach kids something I am passionate about and give them a creative outlet was such a rewarding experience and it’s a time in my life I won’t ever forget.

bbd beginnings

So how did I go from teaching photography to working at Bright Blue Day?

Over 2 and a half years later, I looked at the bigger picture in terms of my career (no pun intended) and decided I wanted to expand my knowledge and skill set by working in a space where I was the student, not the teacher. This role popped up and presented me with an intriguing challenge. I was eager to get stuck into it and learn as much as I could.

Now that I am a part of the team, I can’t wait to see where my journey at bbd takes me!

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