These past few months have been a bit different for all of us, and especially for me. I started my new role as Senior Account Executive at bbd earlier this year, and whilst everyone was adjusting to working from home, I had a second challenge to face. My home is in another country, and even though I have been here for many years, your home never changes.

There were going to be challenges, and things were going to be different. But the way I see it; Difference leads to change, which leads to new adventures. But I believe that if you keep an open mind, and embrace change, your life might go in a whole new and exciting direction. Not just in your personal life, but in professional life as well!

I have had to work though the challenges of not only being away from my colleagues, but also being away from my family. But, as it turns out, a family can come in all different shapes and sizes.

In order to make this work, I decided very early on that I needed a set of rules for myself;

  • Routine: Keep doing the same morning routines as I did when I was going to the office
  • Preparation: Always dress as I was going to the office! This means no pyjamas during office hours!
  • Dedication: Eating proper food, going to bed at a normal time and looking after my health
  • Execution: And finally, trying to live my life as close to reality as possible

I started this quarantine with writing down a list of everything that I was worried about that could happen. Looking back at this it now, the reality of it all is almost ironic. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My main fears were;

  • Missing out on learning experiences
  • Not being as productive as I would have been in the office
  • Drifting apart from my colleagues
  • And also, just simply being lonely

I have no way of knowing how my time would have been if I had been in the office. All I know now is that none of my fears turned out to be true. I have never felt so cared for as I have during the past few weeks. I feel like all of my colleagues have made a real effort to make this work for everyone, and I couldn’t be happier. Sometimes, all you need is as little as receiving a GIF from a colleague of a puppy saying; YOU GOT THIS!

And also, thanks to video calls, 1-2-1 communications and flexibility, we have managed to keep up with the workload, and also maintain the bbd culture. bbd has always had clients from all over the world, and therefore virtual communication has always been a thing.

When it comes to developing, both as an individual and as a professional, you need to keep pushing yourself, and stay focused. You can learn so much if you just embrace it. Working from home doesn’t mean less productiveness, it’s quite the opposite really.

But most importantly, it all comes down to one simple fact; Being away from home doesn’t have to mean being away from family.

My home is my family, and bbd is my home, away from home!

Lisa Sendrén
Senior Account Executive