Fulfilling Lives LSL


Delivering a Charity website from scratch in under 4 weeks


The Fulfilling Lives programme is £112 million investment over 8 years supporting people who are experiencing multiple disadvantages and as a result often struggle to access the available support services. The programme funds local partnerships in 12 areas across England to test new ways of ensuring individuals receive joined up and person centred services which work for them.

Fulfilling Lives Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL), working with six strategic partners aims to improve the delivery of services, embed a culture of cooperation between service providers and create sustainable, long-term systemic change in the provision of services to this vulnerable group.


Historically, Fulfilling Lives LSL’s online presence had sat within their partner charity Certitude’s website. However, as Fulfilling Lives LSL strategically works alongside Certitude it was felt that they needed their own website to meet the following objectives; 1) better explain the Fulfilling Lives LSL’s proposition, 2) provide a single destination for people looking for information related to Fulfilling Lives LSL and 3) to clearly delineate themselves from the Certitude brand.


Bright Blue Day worked with Fulfilling Lives LSL to deliver a new web presence. The new site was delivered on the WordPress platform for three reasons. Firstly, following an extensive consultation WordPress proved to be the platform Fulfilling Lives LSL were most comfortable administering. Secondly, it is a platform we were confident we could implement a rapid development cycle required to hit an aggressive delivery schedule. Finally, the open source, licence free nature fitted well with Fulfilling Lives LSL’s wider policies.

In order to hit the delivery schedule it was decided all design work would be handled in browser and the site would be delivered in two sprints each 2 weeks in length. The first would deliver key templates and showcase the digital application of their brand for sign-off. The second to deliver the remaining templates and deployment-ready codebase.


Launched at the end of January 2020, fulfillingliveslsl.london was delivered from start to finish in four weeks to align with other media activities promoting the brand. Additionally, Fulfilling Lives LSL were provided with a digital style guide showing the online application of their branding.