The Challenge

Zurich are carving their place as thought leaders with two of their key audiences: insurance brokers and those working in areas that could benefit from Municipal Insurance.  To provide impactful and meaningful content, Zurich have 2 content hubs targeted at these 2 audiences.

Zurich contacted bbd for support on driving traffic via LinkedIn and Twitter to these 2 content hubs: News and Views and The Zurich Insider. Zurich’s objective was to have a 10-20% increase in traffic to both of their content hubs in 2020 vs 2019. 

As social is not the only traffic driver to the sites, we refined our brief to be that if all else stays the same, can we deliver a 10-20% increase in traffic via social promotions and maintain the engagement with the site content in terms of bounce rate, dwell time and average page views.

  • Devise the campaign structure and targeting strategy  
  • Split the budgets to meet the objectives and project outcomes  
  • Set the KPIs for the campaign  
  • Set up the campaigns 
  • Optimise the campaign based on what is working on a regular basis  
  • Report on those KPIs and give recommendations across the whole campaign based on what is seen in the reports.


The Approach

To fulfil the brief we looked at:  

  • 2019 activity – Benchmarks & targeting  
  • Campaign structure  
  • Targeting  
  • 2020 projections using 2019 benchmarks

We looked at the learnings for both News and Views, and the Zurich Insider from 2019 to see what worked well with engaging audiences. This included the most visited articles, number of users, the top drivers to the site and the average bounce rate. 

We established our target audiences for both content hubs. We used job title targeting on Linkedin and identified niche @handles relevant to each audience to target the followers of on Twitter. We also created a campaign structure for each site that followed the audience’s journey from viewing the new audience targeting ad, to signing up to the newsletter or receiving a retargeting ad.  We encouraged the creation of video content and to trial the use of UGC style video content to increase engagement and CTR of the content.


The Outcome 

Social became the main driver of traffic to the hubs and through dramatically decreasing the average CPC, especially on Twitter where it went from over £1 to £0.15, we managed to smash the 10% increase in traffic target for both the Zurich Insider and News and Views. Both hubs recorded an increase of over 250% in site visits vs. what was projected (the 10% YoY increase). The bounce rate for both sites decreased and the time on page was either maintained or increased.