Zurich International

International Virtual
Staff Engagement

Facing the challenges of remote company-wide events, bbd delivered an engaging, informative and motivating virtual event.

The Challenge

Staff engagement is a vital part of any ‘year start’ events, celebrating the success of the last 12 months and outlining a vision of the year to come. Doing this remotely, as forced by the Covid-19 restrictions, posed an extra challenge this year for Zurich International.

The Solution

Before the event, bbd developed ‘goody boxes’ with branded merchandise and instructions on what to expect on the day of the event.

For the event, bbd helped produce multiple videos featuring members of staff and the SMT to help articulate the vision and bring the staff front and centre, celebrating achievements and despite not physically being in the same place, feel more connected.

The Outcome

3x 2.5h presentations, 5x PPT decks, 5x videos delivered to over 100 members of staff across UK, Europe and Middle East.